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How Often Should I Post On TikTok And Why?

    How Often Should I Post On TikTok And Why

    If you’re planning to become a social media influencer, then you’ll probably hear a lot about how to maximise your posting schedule. There’s a good reason for that; the frequency with which you post on TikTok can be the difference between achieving success and languishing in obscurity. It’s not just about the times you post on TikTok; you also need to pay attention to how often you’re posting as well as when you’re scheduling posts, and there are a number of reasons for that. Here’s how often you should post on TikTok and why you’ll see a benefit to posting more regularly.

    Post at least once per day

    It’s important to post at least once!

    The first and most important rule of TikTok is that you should post at least once per day if you’re able. Posting once a day allows you to stay in people’s For You algorithms; you won’t be buried beneath an avalanche of other creators and content if you make sure to keep up this schedule. You don’t necessarily need to worry about the type of content you’re posting (although you should, as always, ensure that it’s high-quality); just make sure that you’re setting up a schedule to post content on TikTok daily and you should see your follower count grow!

    Try to post more often

    Try your best to post quality content a few times a day!

    Medium’s Réka Barabás attempted an experiment last year wherein she decided to try and post different numbers of TikTok videos each day for four weeks in an effort to see how many followers she gained. The results were interesting; posting one video per day for a week raised her follower count modestly, while posting two or three videos per day saw her follower count jump significantly. Four videos a day was the biggest gain, so if you’re looking to achieve TikTok fame, then you should be looking to post as much as you can. However, Barabás noted that there wasn’t a huge difference between posting two and three times a day, so if you can only manage twice, that should be fine.

    Timing matters

    Time your posts to ensure the highest engagement!

    The frequency of your posts is extremely important, of course, but you should also give some consideration to exactly when you’re posting. There are different times throughout the day that are ideal for uploading content to TikTok, as you’ll have a better chance of more users seeing your content during those times. When you’re uploading your videos, try to hit those timing sweet spots, as if you’re uploading 2 or 3 TikTok videos per day, it won’t matter if you’re doing it during a time when nobody is watching. The key is to increase visibility, and that won’t happen if you upload at the wrong time.

    Don’t upload too much

    Don’t spam posts!

    You might be tempted to think that because uploading more videos on TikTok means success, that in turn means you should just upload as many videos as you can per day. This, however, would be a bad idea. If you spam uploads – and, indeed, if you engage in any other behaviour that TikTok could potentially classify as spam – then you might get shadowbanned. This term refers to when you’re not technically banned by TikTok, but people aren’t watching your content because it isn’t being shown to them. 

    Refraining from spamming is one of the TikTok community guidelines, so keep your uploads to a healthy amount and you’ll be fine. Unfortunately, however, some TikTok users have been known to post up to 10 times a day; more famous creators like Charli D’Amelio have engaged in this posting pattern and haven’t been shadowbanned for it, so TikTok’s guidelines can be a little murky in this area. We think it’s best to stick to around 3-4 posts per day if you want to play it safe.

    Post two to three times a day for the highest Engagement

    Posting 2-3 times a day can boost engagement!

    Many social media analysts and bloggers seem to agree that the best number of TikTok videos to post per day is 2-3. While Medium’s experiment found that 4 posts a day achieved the best result in terms of followers, other TikTokers have suggested that the sweet spot is actually around 2-3 videos. It makes sense; this way, people won’t get tired of seeing you on their feed, and given that TikTok videos are extremely short when compared to other media, this doesn’t actually amount to a lot of footage. You only need to spend around 15-20 minutes a day creating 2-3 TikTok videos, but the potential return is immense.

    Why is posting multiple times a day important?

    Upload quality content throughout the day!

    Achieving TikTok success is one of the key goals of any social media influencer. If you post multiple times a day, then you’ll be that much closer to that goal. First and foremost, you need to build a portfolio of content that people can watch; that way, when they discover your platform, they can scroll back and see all the great content you’ve made over the last few weeks or even months. In addition, the For You algorithm on TikTok relentlessly cycles through videos for users, which means that any user’s single video has a good chance of being lost in the noise. If you post multiple times a day, you’re increasing your chances of popping up on that algorithm, especially if you combine your posts with things like savvy hashtag usage, Duet and Stitch videos, and other helpful tips to optimise your TikTok content. If you want to be successful on TikTok, then posting multiple times a day is imperative.

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