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Free TikTok Followers and Likes

You’re well on your way to becoming a TikTok superstar with our innovative tool that will help you get the Free TikTok Followers and likes you’ve always wanted!

We get it! Performing on TikTok and other social media platforms should not be about the likes and number of followers you have, you should be doing it just because you enjoy it. But, we also understand the thrill of getting those hearts and gaining new followers, knowing that the videos you work hard for will not go unwatched and your efforts unnoticed.

With over 700 million users on TikTok, It is incredibly satisfying to know that your posts are seen and appreciated by a large number of people. And if you have dreams of being TikTok famous, getting the numbers will help you achieve your dream.

Safe & Secure

Our Social Media experts will NEVER ask for your password, we only require your username and that’s it.

Best Price Guaranteed

We offer the most competitive prices, if you find our services cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we will match it! Please remember lower prices isn’t necessarily a good thing as this could be an indicator of the overall quality. We focus on offering the highest quality services in the industry.

24/7 Support

Our Paid services receive priority support which is offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Get in touch today.

Watch our Explainer Video here

FreeTikFollowers Explainer Video
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Thank you for watching our explainer video, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team of Social Media Experts! – FreeTikFollowers Team

Recent Clients Reviews

After working with FreeTikFollowers for over 6 months my business has managed to secure many more contracts, our TikTok profile now looks more attractive to other potential followers, and our advertised products receive a lot more engagement!


Jamie – @Fortatnight

Before and after Free TikTok Followers
Before & After 4,500 Followers from FreeTikFollowers

How to Get Free TikTok Likes and Followers

It’s always the beginning of a journey that seems so difficult, similarly, starting off on TikTok and getting your first few followers is always the hardest. Once you get the momentum going, it’s best to keep creating watchable content and ride the wave to Tiktok stardom.

So how do you get free followers on TikTok? Getting your free TikTok Likes and Tiktok Followers is as simple as 1,2,3. In three easy steps, we’ll help you get started. You’ll soon find yourself on your way to TikTok influencer status.

Step 1


Browse through our free and paid packages and decide which package works best for you. If you’re just starting out on TikTok, we recommend starting with a small number of free TikTok followers, which our free trial can give you. You can eventually make your way up with even more followers that can reach up to thousands. If you can’t find a package suited for your needs, contact us and we’ll make a custom package for you.

Step 2


Enter your TikTok username or URL in the required fields where you selected the package, along with your email address where we can send you the confirmation email and other updates about your order. We guarantee your information is safe and confidential and will not be sent to any third party. The email address is just to keep you updated with the delivery status of your TikTok followers.

Step 3


Keep a close watch on how your follower count rises. Remember that your new TikTok followers are drip-fed so expect the increase to be in small increments rather than a huge sudden increase. You’ll receive an email confirmation when the full number of TikTok followers has been received. Remember if you get stuck you can always check out our FAQ’s.

Step 1) Enter your TikTok Username/URL

Your password is NOT required!

How does it work?
“Hmm.. How does this work?”
Before and after 500 TikTok Followers
Before & after 500 Free Followers on TikTok
the inns and outs

How does our service work?

You’re probably wondering how we can pull this off at a very low price and how we can manage to provide you free Tiktok followers and free Tiktok likes. The answer is simple, we have partnered up with various agencies and advertising firms that provide a small reward to our pool of users with every interaction they make with your profile, from following to viewing to liking your posts. That’s how the followers get compensated for free packages and trials.

Furthermore, if you decide to go with one of our paid packages, you get higher quality followers as they are compensated directly by our company from the earnings we make from paying customers.

Our tool gives you the helping hand you need to get your TikTok career started, we can help you get more organic followers by helping you land on the For You page of your potential followers, however, the rest remains up to you and the quality of your content.

So, keep posting high quality and watchable videos so you don’t risk losing followers. Remain engaging and post regularly and get more organic followers to come to you.

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Want to stay on top of your TikTok game and learn the latest trends and news about the video-sharing platform? Visit this site regularly and we’ll share our informative blogs that can help you catapult your TikTok celebrity career.

Free TikTok Followers Review
Before & After 2,000 TikTok Followers and Free TikTok Likes
TikTok Guides and help

Feel Free To Check Out Some Of Our TikTok Guides we have to offer!

All of our guides and tutorials are completely free and always will be, that’s a promise!

Why get TikTok Likes and Followers From Us?

Why would you want to get free TikTok likes and followers from our tool? Let us count the reasons!

Become Famous

Who says getting TikTok famous does not happen overnight? With our innovative tool, you can get your desired number of followers, views, and likes in a short amount of time. With more followers and views, your profile gets boosted naturally by TikTok’s algorithm, allowing you to reach more users organically. Not only that, when a new user goes to your profile and sees your fast-growing fan base, it will influence them to follow you as well. Having a large number of followers is one of the best ways to get an even larger following.

Gain Real Fans

Our huge pool of followers is made up of real people, with real TikTok accounts, and with genuine interests. When you sign up for our premium service, we evaluate your profile and match you with our pool of followers with similar interests, thus, you don’t just get numbers, you get actual fans who will view and appreciate the videos you create. They also have the ability to share your entertaining videos to their followers on other social media accounts, if they find your posts appealing.

With more real fans, your profile will grow organically through actual shares and hearts and features on the For You page of other users.

Paid and Free Options

You have nothing to lose when you take advantage of our trial of getting TikTok followers, free of charge. If you decide that our service is worth the investment, we have really low cost packages that will help you jumpstart your career as a TikTok superstar with thousands of real followers ready to follow you in an instant. Choose from one of our available packages or contact us and we’ll create a custom package just for you.

Get More Engagement

With a higher number of real followers, more views, and more likes, your profile and posts can easily get you even more engagement from other users who are not part of our follower pool, thus, further increasing your reach and potential followers and fan base. The key is to keep creating fun, entertaining, and appealing videos that users can appreciate, we’ll take care of getting you noticed and seen.

Stay Safe with Us!

Our service is 100% guaranteed to be safe and secure. First, when you sign up for our service, we won’t be asking for any other information from you, other than your TikTok username, just so we can identify which account to send the followers to. It also helps us understand which types of followers would respond to your content, so we can match you up with them accordingly. We also ensure that your username or any other information is always kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Furthermore, we ensure that all your new followers are actual people, no bots, or dummy accounts. We guarantee your profile is safe from hackers and other unscrupulous characters.

Be Supported

Our friendly and accommodating support team is always ready to assist you 24/7. If you have any questions before availing our services, feel free to contact them and they will answer any of your queries. On the off chance that you encounter any issues or problems during the whole process of gaining your followers, our support staff can guide you through any issue free of charge.

Free Trial

When you sign up for our free service, we absolutely mean that it’s free! No hidden charges, no monthly fees, no strings attached! We simply want you to get a taste of what our premium services have to offer so you can make an informed decision prior to purchasing.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your free trial from Now!

Improve Your Creativity

Our tool is the best stepping stone to reach TikTok stardom. There’s no fun in creating content only to be seen by a few individuals. No matter how interesting or funny your posts are, if no one can see them, you still won’t go viral, which can eventually take a toll on your motivation to create. Don’t let your creativity go to waste. With our helpful and easy-to-use tool, you’ll know that all your efforts are seen and viewed by thousands of people who will show their appreciation for your content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer Free Trials?

We understand how some users can be a bit sceptical about trying new services. With a service that seems too good to be true like this one, it’s only natural if you don’t want to pay for a service without knowing for sure that it works.

With our free trials, you’ll get an understanding of the quality and extent of our service. Our free trials offer the same service as our premium paid packages but with less quantity of followers and likes. You’ll get a taste of our premium packages so you can decide if you want to purchase a paid package that will offer the same service but with higher numbers and greater flexibility to further elevate your TikTok profile.

Do I need to provide my Password?

No. All we need is your TikTok username and you’re good to go. We won’t ask for any other information from you and your username will be kept confidential.

What are TikTok Followers and Likes?

You can follow a profile you like on TikTok if their posts appeal to you. When you do, their new posts will be shown on your feed every time you view Tiktok. If you like a video, you can like it and TikTok will show you more videos similar to the videos you like on the For You page.

Your profile can gather followers and likes if you continue to post videos that appeal to the audience. The more followers you have, the more people you will be able to see and like your posts.

How long does the service take?

The time it takes for us to deliver your likes or followers varies depending on a few factors, the main one being the quantity that you order. As we drip the real followers and likes the larger the quantity the longer it will take. On average an order will take between 3-5 days to fully complete.