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How To Make A TikTok Video The Right Way!

    How To Make A TikTok Video The Right Way

    Creating content is the heart at the center of TikTok. Without great content, TikTok would be nothing; all the smart algorithms and eager creators in the world can’t save a platform from simply offering poor-quality content to its users. That’s why, if you’re a content creator thinking about setting up on TikTok – or if you’re already established on the platform and want to improve – you should be thinking about video best practices. Here’s how to make a TikTok video “the right way”!

    Throw out the rulebook

    Our first tip for making TikTok videos the right way is a rather unconventional one: don’t. The simple fact is that there is no single proven formula for viral TikTok videos. Many people have gone viral on TikTok over the years, and while there will certainly be common elements in their videos, they’ll also all have something a little unique and special that takes them over and above. Try different and innovative things in your video creation and you might just strike it lucky.

    Make your point quickly

    Technically speaking, TikTok’s time limit is pretty high. It’s possible to make a TikTok video of up to 10 minutes in length, but obviously, you shouldn’t be doing that. If your video is taking longer than a minute or so to get to the point, then you’ve probably already failed to go viral. You’ve only got a few seconds in which to grab people’s attention, so make the point you came to make quickly. The ideal length for a TikTok video is around 15 seconds, so try to keep your video that short if you can.

    Jump on trends…

    Following trends on TikTok
    Following trends is very important!

    Like any other social media platform, TikTok has a list of trending topics and content that you can use to try and catapult yourself to TikTok stardom. Just check out what’s trending before you make a video and try to hop on a topic that’s up and coming. Don’t make videos about topics that already have millions of impressions; that’s an easy way to get lost in the noise. Instead, try to identify topics that are on the rise by looking out for hashtags and trends that are rapidly rising in terms of numbers.

    …but try to make your own as well

    This is probably the single biggest identifiable “secret sauce” when it comes to making viral TikTok content. Again, there’s no way to 100% guarantee that your TikTok video will go viral, but making your own trend will send you well on your way. Look at what’s already trending and think about where those trends might go next. Will the next big thing be a similar dance craze to what’s already popular? Pop culture tends to bounce around a lot in those terms, so try and think ahead of the curve.

    Make content about what you love

    When you’re making videos about the things you love, your passion and dedication will shine through. In many ways, that’s more important than creating content about things that are trending; with authority and knowledge, you stand a better chance of making a positive impression on people than if you simply jump on a trend without knowing what it is first. Making content about what you love will help you stand a better chance of creating your own trend.

    Use edits and filters, but try and think outside the box

    When you’re watching a TikTok video, have you ever noticed that some editing techniques and filters are more popular than others? Certain text styles tend to dominate TikTok content, and while that’s for a good reason, you could stand a good chance of going viral if you use something that’s different to everyone else’s technique. Try analysing a few popular TikTok videos, then deliberately going in a different direction to them so you can set yourself apart.

    Use bright colours and clear sounds

    TikTok videos that can easily be digested by as many people as possible are, generally speaking, more likely to go viral. That’s why you should use bright, vibrant colour schemes and clear sounds, and it’s also why adding descriptive text to your video is a good idea. That way, you’ll catch people who are scrolling without sound, which represents a surprisingly large number of TikTok users. You want to get as many people’s attention as possible, so make it as easy as you can for them to see your content.

    Use trending music

    While songs can go viral on TikTok without any prior warning, the fact is that many viral videos use songs that have already gained popularity on the platform. Remember when Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” was released and every TikTok video was using it for a while? The same thing could be said of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”, which became popular again off the back of TV show Stranger Things. Using songs like these can help your video to gain visibility and popularity in a crowded field.

    Keep creating content

    Creating content on TikTok
    Creating content on TikTok

    You’re going to see this tip hammered home a lot, and it’s not really a tip that pertains to actually making videos, but rather to your content schedule. TikTok is all about volume and consistency, so no matter what kind of videos you’re making, the important thing is to keep creating. Eventually, you will likely happen upon a video that has some kind of impact in the community, but that won’t happen if your posting schedule is sporadic or if you’re not creating enough content. Feel free to refer to our TikTok Checklist to follow when posting a video to ensure you have the best chances for engagement.

    Best of luck out there & remember to be yourself!