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TikTok Checklist for Advanced Users when posting

    TikTok Checklist for Advanced users when posting

    TikTok is the place to be. There are currently over 3.2 billion TikTok users, with over 1 billion of those being active users. Twitter currently only has 330 million active users. TikTok has the same number of active users as Instagram, with Instagram having over 1 billion. TikTok was born in 2018. Instagram was born in 2010.

    The figures show the sheer popularity and growth trajectory of TikTok. Many hail the success of the app to be down to the pandemic fueled lockdowns. Users take to the app to complete challenges, dances, lip-syncs, and much more. User interaction and engagement is the focus of most TikTok posters. TikTok seems to work differently from Instagram in terms of gaining influencer status. One TikTok video can propel a user to overnight fame.

    However, getting those viewers to become loyal followers proves more difficult than Instagram. There are ways of improving user engagement. For advanced users wishing to increase their user engagement and monetising their TikTok account, here is a checklist for posting great content.

    The Hook

    Gain an audience
    Make your viewers interested and keep them hooked!

    The hook is super important. Studies show that people feel ‘hooked’ within the first 5 seconds. Advanced users need to ensure the video hooks those watching by making it exciting, loud, and interesting.

    Is it easy to grab the attention of someone watching a video in the first 5 seconds? No. An excellent way of finding what might hook a watcher is to research and see what other advanced users with a large number do. Taking inspiration from successful advanced TikTok users keeps a TikTok account on-trend and exciting.

    There’s a huge difference between how to hook TikTok users and those on Instagram. TikTok is often referred to as a TV-like platform, with advanced users gaining loyal by producing mini-series. It’s far easier to hook loyal followers because they’re already invested in who they’re following. In this instance, the best hook is an insight into your personal life.

    Follow Trends

    Follow trends on TikTok
    Following trends is a must!

    Videos that follow current TikTok trends are far more likely to have a higher user engagement. TikTok is all about trends. Users’ timelines are filled with dances, lip-sync challenges, practical jokes, and so many more that are considered to be on-trend. TikTok’s algorithms tend to show users tailored challenges based on their previous engagement with videos. That makes it hard to catch all of the viral trends.

    Advanced users should aim to follow the majority of TikTok trends. It’s a gospel part of gaining followers, likes, and video views. If you’re struggling to find the viral trends, some websites are regularly updated with TikTok trends and who has the most views.

    TikTok themselves have a section on their website that tells users to search in the discovery section to find out what the latest trends are. They have also revealed that the first few videos on the discovery page are the ones that start the trend, and the rest are popular videos as a result of the trending hashtag.


    Hashtags on Social Media
    Ensure to use Hashtags

    So what are hashtags? Hashtags are an excellent way of staying on trend, gaining followers, and finding other exciting videos. Much like with Instagram, hashtags are a big thing on TikTok. As an advanced user, hashtags are essential. They help to put videos in the discovery feed for that hashtag.

    The more hashtags used, the more visible a video will be. Hashtag trends change all the while as new trends and challenges are introduced. Advanced users can use the discovery feed to find out what hashtags are currently trending. There are a few things that advanced users can do to ensure they’re using the right hashtags. The first is to analyse hashtags that are used in related niches.

    Most advanced TikTokers fall into a niche. That could be dogs, food, sports, humour; there are tons of different categories of content on TikTok. Each category will have hashtags that advanced users should put in their videos. Advanced users should also check out the hashtags that competitors are using.

    Generally, people are going to be using the same hashtags as long as they’re on-trend. To push the boat out, advanced users should consider starting their own hashtag trend. Users who create their own hashtags tend to have more success on TikTok.

    Short and Sweet

    Quality over quantity
    Keep your videos short but addictive

    TikTok videos can be up to 60-seconds long. However, statistics show that the average user engages with a TikTok video for around 15 seconds. 15 seconds is the TikTok video sweet spot.

    Advanced users should avoid making lengthy videos: and should instead focus on keeping videos short and sweet. TikTok videos are far better when the entertainment is crammed into a short video. Most viral TikTok trends are only a few seconds long. Longer TikTok videos tend to be ads or promotional content.

    High-Quality Footage

    Create quality content
    Post Quality not Quantity

    Advanced users need to have high-quality video footage to increase user engagement. A poor quality video filmed on an old phone won’t get the same amount of views as a good quality video would. Modern technology has enabled high-quality footage to be filmed on all mobiles manufactured in the last few years.

    Gone are the days of Nokia producing pixelated pictures. The latest Samsung S21 captures photos using a 64MP camera which produces crystal clear photos and shoots 8K videos. There’s no need to buy a fancy camera for TikTok; most modern mobile phones will do the job just fine.

    Advanced users have multiple ways of producing high-quality content that engages with users. TikTok is evolving every day, with new algorithms and trends that change the way advanced users must interact with TikTok watchers. If successful in posting, advanced users can enjoy a large following, potential brand deals, and the chance to monetise their TikTok.

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