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Introduction To TikTok Followers And Likes

    Intro to Tikok Followers and Likes

    Like any other social network, TikTok is entirely dependent on its user base. Content creators and followers are the lifeblood of TikTok; without content regularly being created and users following others and liking their videos, there would be no activity, and TikTok would die. That’s why, if you’re going to become an influencer on TikTok – or even if you’re simply looking to immerse yourself in the culture as much as you can – it’s important to understand how TikTok followers and likes work.

    In many ways, TikTok followers and likes are simple to understand. Followers are simply people who have chosen to keep you on their feed so they can see when you upload new videos. Likes are a metric by which the popularity of your videos is judged; by liking a video, you’re expressing a preference for that kind of content, which TikTok factors into its algorithm when recommending new content. However, it’s a little deeper than that. Here’s our beginner’s guide to TikTok followers and likes.

    What are TikTok followers?

    What are TikTok Followers?
    Find out what Exactly TikTok Followers are!

    The concept of followers on TikTok really couldn’t be simpler. These are people who have elected to follow you so that every time you upload a new piece of content, they’ll be able to see it, comment on it, and like it. To view your total number of followers, all you need to do is head over to your profile (which you can see by tapping “Me” on the bottom menu of TikTok). If you have a relatively low number of followers, you’ll see the exact number; otherwise, you’ll see an approximate count (like 24.5k).

    Why are TikTok followers important?

    TikTok followers are the lifeblood of any TikTok creator. Without a significant number of followers, you won’t have anyone to see your content, and you won’t be able to grow. Followers also drive engagement; people won’t engage with your videos if they’re not following you, so it’s important to amass as many followers as possible. Of course, with that said, you should also make sure these are real followers and not bots, because bot followers can actually damage an account’s growth and, in the worst case, jeopardise its security.

    How do I get more TikTok followers?

    The best way to get yourself TikTok followers is to use our service. We make sure that your account is boosted by natural, organic followers, and help you to get a headstart in the competitive world of TikTok. If you want to grow beyond that and keep amassing followers organically, then there are a number of things you can do. Post content regularly, make sure you’re posting at the right times of day, and keep engaging followers by reaching out to them, including calls of action, and replying to comments. All of these things will help you to gain more TikTok followers in the long term.

    What are TikTok likes?

    What are TikTok Likes?
    Find out what TikTok Likes are and how they work.

    If TikTok followers are the lifeblood of TikTok, then likes are its beating heart. Without likes, your content will go unrecognised. In essence, likes are exactly what they sound like: they’re ways for followers to express their approval of your content. The small heart-shaped button on TikTok videos is the like button, and when you press it, it’ll add to the total number of likes a video has received. As you can imagine, it’s important to get as many likes as you can on your videos.

    Why are TikTok likes important?

    Just as followers are a good metric for judging how your content is performing on TikTok, so likes will tell you how your content is faring. You don’t need to follow someone in order to like their content; if it pops up on your feed, for example, you can drop a like on a TikTok video without needing to actually be a follower. In many ways, this means likes are a more accurate descriptor of how your content is performing, because you’ll get likes from people who aren’t necessarily intending to follow you.

    How do I get TikTok likes?

    Again, using our service is the best way you can get yourself some TikTok likes. We ensure that you only get organic likes; we know that bots are potentially harmful for your TikTok presence, so we don’t include them in our service. Once you’ve built a healthy amount of likes, you can maintain them in much the same way as you would with followers. Create content that’s relevant to people’s interests, hit trending hashtags, and make sure you’re posting TikTok content regularly. These are sure-fire ways to build up likes for yourself.

    TikTok followers and likes: tips and tricks

    TikTok Tips and tricks
    TikTok – Tips and Tricks for Followers and Likes

    We’ll close with some tips and tricks you can apply to your TikTok strategy in order to build a bigger follower count. Here are our fool proof methods for gaining and keeping new TikTok followers.

    Light and edit your videos well

    Many people overlook the importance of actually creating an engaging TikTok video in terms of aesthetic. However, editing your videos and using the correct lighting techniques are both important things to remember when you’re creating TikTok videos. Be sure your content is brightly-lit and edited well so that it’s cohesive and brings your message across clearly.

    Don’t just follow trends

    Although it is extremely important to follow trends, you should make sure you’re not doing so blindly. It’s still crucial to put your own spin on content; if you just parrot trends without adding a unique angle, then your videos won’t be anywhere near as popular. Make sure to add aspects of your personality to trending videos so that you’re still encouraging people to follow you rather than just following the trend.

    Don’t delete content

    Finally, even if you’re tempted to delete a video because it’s underperforming, you never should. Videos can gain popularity in the most unexpected of ways, and once people do start to discover your content, your older videos may well gain some traction. There’s no penalty for keeping TikTok videos on your profile, so make sure that you don’t delete content, no matter how frustrated you become with the process.

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